Saturday, 21 May 2011

Clarins clarins clarins...

I suck at reviews but I really wanted to share this, so I hope this doesn't suck too much.
About 2 weeks ago I was in Boots checking out all the cool new make-up when I thought to myself I would try (for the first time EVER ... *gasp* I know...) a moisturiser, I have never used such a potion on my face before. So I was at the Clarins counter paying when the lady asked me what my skin routine was ( basically only hardcore spot treatments) and was shocked when I told her I was breaking my moisturiser virginity. She told me to try out this new range that they had just gotten in for the younger generation. So I received samples of the cleansing gel, wake up booster, day cream with spf15 and a cream gel. I simply love it and they ran out like 4 days ago and my skins returned to its normal horrible self since then! I forced my mum to get me some when she went out today and she did (god bless her). So from tonight I am back on my Clarins skin drug. I would highly recommend it, feels amazing, smells so so so good and you really see results.
Enough reviewing now.

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