Sunday, 14 August 2011

Somethings I bought

I'm never entirely sure what to post when it comes to more personal stuff. I'm not a fan of posting my face everywhere and I don't own the worlds best camera. So as a compromise with myself I decided to show you some things I bought recently, I'm not sure maybe it'll inspire someone; who knows?
If you don't like, then just tell me.

1. Navajo inspired nugget bag from Urban outfitters. It's like owning a massive pocket.
2. Short black dress from H&M. I must say I love this dress, I wear it over really tight jeans because it's a tad to short for me and it works well. I'll be getting the Mustard coloured one too.
3. Denim and lace bra from Topshop. I just couldn't leave it at the sale so I bought it. I love it under sheer shirts.
4. Blue strap dress from Topshop. I actually haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet, I really liked it when I saw it, but if all else fails it'll make a really sweet nightdress.
5. Big slouchy angora jumper. I bought this one in a size 16 (usually an 6/8) and MATERNITY, I would say that I don't know what possessed me but I do. I really like the way it falls and slouches when worn with a tight waist belt. Its a dress on my really but I like it with jeans.


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