Tuesday, 1 May 2012

So sorry but I think I'm desperate now... one teaspoon you are my sugar

This is kinda like a cry for help... Kinda.
I'm that person who see's something, wants it and then when funds don't allow it gets really very depressed and never ever forgets that something I wanted and could not have.
Alas this something has come back to haunt me: 

I should totally send out and hang up wanted posters but that would be crazy. If anyone knows of anyone that is selling this in a XS/S or if you know of a retailer that still stocks this I WOULD BE SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL.

I'm sorry I have been away, I became addicted to Tumblr which I'll link here. I will be back starting next week when uni is over and I can start my summer holiday.
Peace out my beauties.

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