Friday, 17 June 2011


I thought I would complete the rant on H&M I started in a previous post and tell you all that I did receive my shoes (finally) last week. Basically what had happened was that, H&M allow customers to order out of stock items from their website without actually letting the customer know that the item they wish to buy is out of stock. So it's not until you've paid that you see your delivery isn't due for a months time. I mean how ridiculous is that? And on top of that their customer service absolutely sucks, they mostly have no idea what they are talking about.
What happened to me was:
The shoes I ordered were out of stock, I did not know this so I ordered them anyway. I noticed that my delivery date was ever changing so I phoned them up and the lady told that it was normal for out of stock items (which was the first I had heard that the shoes were out of stock). I then waited and the delivery date came and went (6 weeks after the order was placed) so I phoned them once more to have them tell me the shoes were lost in transition! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE TRACKING SERVICE THEY SAID THEY PROVIDED!?
Not only that, but in order to order another pair to replace the ones lost I had to buy them all over again just to have them refund it back again within 30 days! So I still haven't received my refund.
I decided and vowed never to buy anything from their online store again because they obviously haven't got it sussed yet.
Saying that I ordered a bra from Urban outfitters yesterday and already they have confirmed that it will be with me within the next 2 days. Amen for Urban outfitters.
Sorry for the rant I just thought i should warn you off H&M online shopping.

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