Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rant rant rant...

Sorry it's been a while. Instead of the usual array of images and photos from google for inspiration, I am a woman on a mission today.
I recently went a tad crazy in River Island and bought myself a really cute outfit and I have worn the said outfit and loved it! It was the lovely high waisted maxi skirt with belt and bright orange vest with violet, pink and white floral pattern. I love the vest its amazing even just teamed with a pair of high waisted jeans (I'm not one for midriff flaunting, though saying that I envy those who are). The colour is immense and the material feels so so so light and airy against the summer heat.
Here is the dilemma I wore the skirt twice and me being me spilt something on it and had to wash it..... WHERE IT SHRUNK 4 INCHES! I MEAN WTF! The instructions were followed and I only washed it at 30'c and ironed and bam it was no longer a maxi skirt but rather a high waisted midi! I am so annoyed, I would never have expected that and now I'm off tomorrow to see if they will accept a return when I have neither receipt nor tag. Sad times! I loved that skirt so very dearly!

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